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Command Technologies, Inc.
"The company that thinks like a contractor(tm)"
Founded by Peter Lasensky and Richard Rohmann, Command Tech has been a trailblazer in construction management technology and software since 1997. With a mission to provide seamless, efficient solutions for con
tractors, the company's software empowers businesses to streamline operations, enhance profitability, and achieve sustainable growth.
Recent press:
Command Technologies, Inc. Unveils Contractor's Command Post® Version 4.0: A Revolutionary Game Changing Cloud-Based Solution for Construction Company Management

DEL MAR, Calif., Sept. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Command Technologies, Inc. a pioneer in construction software technology since its inception in 1997, announces the release of Contractor's Command Post® Version 4.0, marking a significant leap forward in streamlining construction business operations.


Originally launched as desktop software, Contractor's Command Post® has been a trusted tool for construction companies seeking to eliminate spreadsheet reliance and gain powerful forecasting and analytics capabilities. This latest version takes continuity to a new level by seamlessly connecting business development, operations, and finance teams.


"Version 4.0 is a game-changer," said Peter Lasensky, CEO at Command Technologies, Inc. "It not only offers robust analytics like net profit forecasting and resource scheduling but also acts as the central hub that links all your construction apps. This ensures that vital information is always up-to-date across your systems."

Key features of Contractor's Command Post Version 4.0 include:

  1. Net Profit Forecasting: This feature calculates gross profit by month, deducting overhead costs. It enables businesses to pinpoint their break-even point and identify when additional projects are needed to maintain profitability.

  2. Resource Scheduling: Project managers and superintendents can efficiently assign incoming projects, ensuring optimal allocation of resources.

  3. Seamless Integration: The masters microservices enable effortless contact management across connected apps. Adding or modifying a contact in one system automatically updates the information in all connected systems.

  4. Comprehensive Project Tracking: From lead aggregation to project closeout and portfolio management of completed jobs, Contractor's Command Post provides a comprehensive solution for both general contractors and subcontractors.

  5. Cloud-Based Accessibility: Version 4.0 is now available on the cloud, granting team members access to critical project information from anywhere in the world. This ensures real-time collaboration and informed decision-making.


With Version 4.0, Contractor's Command Post has matured into an indispensable tool that harmonizes your family of construction apps, driving efficiency and profitability in every project. 

Founding team

Peter Lasensky

Peter is a construction guy and entrepreneur who founded groundbreaking construction and service companies like PeterBuilt and NoteVault – he likes to say he was born with a hammer in his hand.  He was also a co-founder of Pacific DataVision, Inc. (now Anterix, Inc. NASDAQ:ATEX).


Peter holds 14 US patents and is the author of “One Way to Run A Construction Company”, available for sale on Amazon.

Richard Rohmann

Richard was the designer and developer of Command Technologies’ first two commercial software products, ProfiTrack® and Contractor’s Command Post®.  He was also a co-founder of Pacific DataVision, Inc. (now Anterix, Inc. NASDAQ:ATEX).


Richard has been awarded eleven U.S.

and foreign patents.

Try what contractors have relied on Command Post since 1997 ⏤ and find out why version 4.0 is the best yet.
Customer Spotlight: D&M Electrical, Inc.
Doug Winston.jpeg
"We're thrilled to collaborate with Command Technologies, Inc. on it's latest iteration, Command Post v4. Back in 1993, when we started our business, access to software was limited. Our first estimating software was even DOS-based. When we transitioned to the Windows environment and discovered the initial version of Command Post, it was a game-changer for our project management needs. As our company expanded and new software options emerged, we occasionally explored other programs, but Command Post remained a crucial tool for preconstruction. However, we always felt a gap in our toolkit and processes. 
When Command Tech CEO Peter Lasensky approached us about working on Command Post v4, given our prior association, I didn't hesitate to say 'YES!'. In our early discussions, it was evident that they grasped the reality that no single program today caters to all the demands of contractors. They also understood the necessity for software that seamlessly integrates with a company's diverse applications. Peter and his team attentively listened to our requirements and are diligently working on a range of features that will ultimately enhance our efficiency with one integrated solution for all our software and file-sharing needs, eliminating redundant data entry, and fundamentally refining our work processes." 
About D&M Electrical Contracting, Inc. 
D&M Electrical Contracting, Inc. is a comprehensive electrical contracting firm headquartered in the New York Metropolitan area. It is also the parent company of D&M Utility Construction, engaged in utility projects across the Northeast, as well as nationwide storm restoration work. Established in 1993 by its current president and CEO, Doug Winston, the organization specializes in industrial, renewable, transit, and utility projects for both public and private sectors. It holds affiliations with multiple IBEW jurisdictions and largely self-performs its work, acting as a general contractor for select projects. Visit their website:

Doug Winston
President, D&M Electrical, Inc.

"Command Post gives me the freedom to get out of my office and do the things that I need to do to run my organization"

Curt Arnett,


Arnett Construction Inc.

"It's made our company a lot more efficient!"

Ron Dunn,


Precision Carpentry Inc

"Command Post gives me more information than I could ever have imagined, instantly, and it is so easy to use"

Greg A. Cantor,


Murray Lambert Construction

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